Motor 166 Bio

Motor 166 is a sound project making noise, abstract, experimental, ambient, minimal and various forms of electronic music.  This project also includes the audio recordings of people talking.  I consider Motor 166 to be one person, but I like to think all my friends are honorary or guest members because they help with audio recordings, ideas and titles for tracks on occasion weather they know it or not.


I first started making music in 1998 using the name motor.  I used a program called modplug tracker and made various forms of electronic music.  Around this time I started listening to electronic music especially audio files called ‘modules’ (MOD, S3M and XM) I downloaded off the internet.  I was never very good at making music with the program with the sounds I downloaded off the internet.  I always wanted to do different things with my music which no one else liked.  Eventually I lost interest in making music sometime in 1999 and occasionally messed around with modplug tracker.  Sometime in 2001 I acquired a few sample cds through various trades.  One day I decided to sample a guitar loop off a cd my mother had.  I put the sample in acid 3.0 and used the sample cds to make a song based and the guitar loop.  I was really surprised at how great the track sounded and how easy it was to make.  Future attempts at trying make great sounding tracks failed and I became discouraged.


Meanwhile in the beginning of 2001 I bought a microcassette recorder so I could fulfill a fantasy of recording people talking.  Most importantly their conversations which I put on my computer.  I told no one about what I was doing and mostly recorded my friends being stupid and whatnot.  After gaining a good number of recordings, I put some on the internet.  A few months later I was leaving the apartment where a few of my friends lived when I overheard a conversation about how they should record some of their conversations.  I stopped where I was, turned around, pulled the recorder out of  my pocked and told them about how I had been recording them.  They were very suspired and loved it, especially when I said I had been putting the recordings on (I also recorded the whole conversation).


At the end of 2001 I started listening to a radio show on a local collage radio station that played industrial, experimental, EBM and Noise.  I had never heard this kind of music before and found it to be very interesting.  After listen to the show a few times, I decided to try and make music similar to what I heard.  My first attempts were not to bad and sounded very industrial.  I really liked the fact that I could make this different music with basic computer software and sounds I recorded myself.  I began messing around with sounds and putting them through effects I downloaded off the internet.  I started making tracks and buying cheap used instruments.  This is how Motor 166 was started