Sample CDs For Trade


1000+ Synth Samples (wav & aif)
various synth samples on 2 cds
1001 Sound FX (wav)
usual sound effects
372 String Samples (wav and Audio)
Abracatabla (aiff)
ethnic drums
Acid Jazz Construction (wav)
bass, horn, pads, drums, fx, guitar, keyboard, perc. and winds
Acid Techno (wav)
drumloops, one shots, synths, fx, pads basses and more
Ambient Realms (wav)
bells, blows, creatures, textures, sounds, drones and somemore
Aural E (wav)
bass, drumloops, fx, guitars amd synths
Bass Brothers L.A. Riot disc 2 (Audio)
Drumloops, Bass and Vocals
Beneath The Planet of the Breaks (wav)
Blasto 2000 Music Clips (wav and Midi)
music clips and loops
Blasto 2000 Sound Clips (wav)
sound effects and sounds
BT Nu Skool Breaks (wav)
Burning Grooves (aiff)
Chinese Percussion (wav)
Drum loops, drums and Chinese sounds
Cinematix II (wav)
drumloops, loops and sound effects
Coldcut Cleptomania (wav)
drumloops, drums, fx, vox, bass and more
Cuckooand Assylum (wav)
Cyclotronic Resonator (wav)
Similar to Electronica Grooves
Data Becker Classical and New Age (wav)
classical shots and instraments
Dave Ruffy Drums (wav)
Deepst India (aiff, esx24, wav)
Digeridoo (wav)
digeridoo, jaw harp and others
DJ 2.0 (wav)
acid jazz, house, techno, industrial and more
Downtempo Beats (wav)
Dragon Dance (wav)
ethnic drums and loops

Drone Archeology (wav)

long drome sounds
Drum and Bass (wav)
bass, drumloops, drums, fx, keys, synths, one shots and more
Drum and Bass Construction
bass, loops, eccects, sequences, special and sphere
E-Lab Strictly 12 Inch (wav)
drums and drumloops
EJ 5 (wavs)
Disk 1 - detroit techno, house, junkie xl, techhouse
Disk 2 - 2 step, abstract, drum & bass, Trip hop
Disk 3 - freestyle and hip hop
Disk 5- ambient, dub and trance
EJ 10 (wav)
house: deep, disco, french, progressive and vocal
EJ 11 (wav) hip hop, reggea and trip hop
EJ 12 (wav)
ambient and drum and bass
EJ 13 (wavs)
Carl Cox loops, hard trance samples, MarcSpoon loops, techno loops and trance loops
EJ 14: Garage, Progressive, TechHouse (wav)
drumloops, keys, etc...
EJ 15: Chillout (wavs)
keys, drumloops, spheres
EJ 16: Alternative, Hip Hop and Pop (wav)
loops, keys, guitar, etc...
EJ 20: Ambient (wavs)
bass, guitar, keys, drumloops, spheres
Electro Shock 2 (wav)
drums and drumloops
Electronica Grooves (wavs)
bass, ether layers, drumloops, stax, noise and more
Essential Sounds 2 (wav)
bass, drums, guitar, keybaord, saxophone, synth and more
Euphoria Collection (wav)
bass, drums, synths and pads
Euro Tech Ground Loops (wav)
Loops, Drumloops, Synth, Bass and Voice
Extremely Abrasive (wav)
crazy drumloops
False Encryptions (wav)
ambient, electronica, hip-hop, rock-funk and world sounds
Fast Breaks (wav)
basses, beats, fx, keys, hits, kicks snares and more
Fields of Motion (wav)
odd loops
Futurist Drum and Bass (wav)
bass, beats, percussion, fx, keys, one shots and more
Gabber Hardcore Frenzy (wav)
909, hits, kicks, sfx, synths and tweaks
Global Trance Mission Vol. 1 (audio)
synths, loops, one shots, fx and more
Guitar Center Synchro Loops (wav)
Hand Collected 7 (wav)
drums, fx, synths, loops and more
Hand Collected 8 (wav)
bass, synths, vocals and more
Hardloops (wav)
Headstrong Grooves (wav)
bass, drumloops, drum hits and synth
Ill Jointz 1 (wav)
funky drum loops, loops and sounds
Ill Jointz 2 (wav)
funky drum loops, loops and sounds
Intelligent Dance (wav)
bass, guitar, drums, rhythms, sfx and soundscapes
Jazz Tip (wav)
horns, sax, trumpet, beats, drums, flute, guitar, keys, percussion and more
Junk Percussion (wav)
sounds and noise
Latin (wav)
bass, drums, guitars, horns, one shots, organ, percussion, piano, vocals and more
Liquid Planet (wav)
flutes, drones, ethnic percussion, metal sounds and lots more (great for ambient)
Liquid Grooves (Audio)
Lo Fi (audio)
drumloops, noise loops, gutars, instraments, voices and more
Loop Du Jour (wav)
drumloops, synths, guitars and more
Machine Language (wav)
bass, chords, drumloops, fx, leeds, one shots and percussion
Methods of Mayhem (wav)
analog synths, basses, beats, fx, one shots and more
Motor's Samples (wavs & Mp3s from my hard drive)
bass, drums, drumloops, piano, scratches, synth, vocals, and more!
New Roots Reggae (wav)
atmospherics, basses, drumloops, fx, guitars, one shots, pianos and more
New York Dance II (wav)
bass loops, drumloops, fx, keys, synths, one shots and more
NI Battery Kit (wav)
drums and more
Norman Cooks Skip to my loops (wav)
loops and such
Noisy Loops, Just (wav)
bass, drumloops, guitar, keyboard, synths and more
Noisy Loops: Music Beds (wav)
complete loops
Noisy Loops: Rock (wav)
bass, beats, guitar, keyboard and more
Numina (wav)
drumloops, drones, one shots, fx and more
Orbit Beats (wav)
Pandora's Toolbox (wav)
Crazy Intors
Point Blank Loops (wav)
bass, drumloops, fx and synths
Poke in the ear (aiff)
odd sounds and such
Pro Audio Tools (wav)
bass, bass drums, chimes, clav, drum loops, hihats, keys, leads, mechanical, one shots, pads, piano, rimshots, snares, sound FX, synths, tom durms and more
Pro Samples: Breakbeat (wav)
Pro Samples: Experimental (wav)
loops and such
Pro Samples: Orchestra (wav)
one shots, violins, strings, basson, flute and oboes
Proto Techno (wav)
bass, drumloops, lfo, noise and synths
Psychedelic Guitar (wav)
Psychedelic Trance and Goa (wav)
trance samples
Rythm Guitar and FX Vol. 1
Rhythmic Architectural Design systems. Vol 1 (wav)
drums and drumloops
Rivet Head Tools (Audio & Wav)
Drums, drumloops, analog percussion, strange sounds, synths, percussion and noise
Sample Arena #1 (wav & sf2)
animal, bass, brass, choir, chord, clap, fx, guitar, hi hat, hit, loop, other, pad, piano, scratch, sting, synth, vocal and much more!
Sample Arena #6: Industrial Toolkit (wav & sf)
bass, drums, flute, grooves, guitar, noises, piano, sax, scratches, shots, synth, vocals and much more!
Sample Pack 1 (2 cdr)(wav)
misc sounds
Signals II (wav)
Soundpool (wav)
bass, drums, synth, keyboards and more
Sounds of Asia: Opium (wav)
dizu, erhu, guchin, percussion, pipa, yangchin
Spices of India (wav)
drumloops, instrament loops and vocals
Spirtual Voices (audio)
Splatter Cell (wav)
interesting loops
Street Beats by Poogie (wav)
Subconscious Programming (wav)
bass, drumloops, synths and more
Syntonic Generator (wav)
drumloops, efx, noise loops and one shots
Techno Elements (wavs)
bass, drums, fx, melody, organ, pad, string and more
Techno Synth Loops (wav)
seq. and synfx
Textures and Soundscapes (wavs)
atmospheres, bells, acoustic bass, harp, bagpiples, digeridoo, flutes, drums, rattles, strings, synths, voices and morev
Total House (wav)
drumloops, bass, pads, guitars and more
Trance + Epic House (aif, Midi and wav)
arpeggios, bass, chords, drums, drumloops, efx, riffs, pads, piano, tb303 and more
Universial Groove (wav)
ambient fx, bass, dialog, drums, fx, keyboards and more
Vince Andrews - Jazz Solos and Sections(wav)
clarinet, fluit, horn, sax, trombone and more
Voices of Native America (wav)
drums, flutes, shakers and chants
Vortexual Amp (wav)
crazy synths
Wav Place Sound CD(wav)
alarms, amimals, appliences, chimes, cars, cartoons, computers, games, kids, outside, planes, sports, trains and much more
Whisky, Cigarettes and Gumbo (wav)
blues guitar
Vinylistics (wav)
X Static Goldmine 4 (wav)
drums, drumloops and loops
Xtreme Pads Vol. 2(wav)
Lots of pads
XXL Pro FX (wav)
Crazy FX
Zero Beat Gravity (wavs)
drumloops and drums


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